Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It’s Primary Time for the Elections!! So let’s talk Judges, Justices, D.A., and Clerks

It is fitting that early voting for the party primaries begins right after Valentines because it seems that some candidate’s whole campaign is essentially – I love you best. I will be the toughest on crime, I believe in same sex marriage, I will stop frivolous lawsuits, I will make sure to protect “x” or protect you from “x” … (fill in the blank) because I’m I your guy/girl. Really! Believe me. Here is who I am supporting in the contested repbulican judicial races, D.A., and the race for district clerk: Chief Justice, Supreme Court: Robert Talton Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6 Jeff Brown Justice, Supreme Court Place 8 Sharon McCally Justice 1st Court of Appeals, Place 3 Dan Linebaugh District Judge 268th Brady Elliott District Attorney John Healey County Court at Law #1 Chris Morales County Court at Law #4 R. H. “Sandy” Bielstein District Clerk Annie Rebecca Elliott I haven’t listed the Court of Criminal Appeals as I do not practice before them, but welcome suggestions from my friends who are prosecutors and defense attorneys. So how do you know who to vote for even in your own party? Here are some suggestions: First: Ask attorneys who practice before the Judges and Justices and who have to deal with the clerks on a weekly basis. These are people who have a working knowledge of what is good and/or bad and deal with the consequences of both. They should be able to tell you who they would support and why. Second: Read their propaganda (I mean mailers). Any decent ones are going to list the candidates’ accomplishments and biography. Here is what sends up red flags for me. Any candidate who touts that they are going to be tough on criminals, get rid of frivolous lawsuits, be more republican or democratic than their opponent, etc., etc. I know that political parties are a necessity for the backing and support of candidates (including judges and clerks) but I want an elected official who is fair to all. I want a judge who is going to have one job and that is to enforce the laws as they exist and treat everyone equally. I want a judge who believes in the innocent until proven guilty and not one who brags about putting people in jail or being tough on crime. If you enforce the law then usually the right thing happens, if you have an agenda then run for congress and not the bench. I want a clerk who makes the filing and handling of document for litigation as easy as possible and is helpful when you have questions. I believe the people who I support are the best choice for the job. To answer a question that some will undoubtedly ask: Are you supporting the judges because they rule for you? No. In fact one of them, despite my brilliant argument, ruled against me on every motion I had recently before the Court. I support these individuals because I have practiced before them, seen their work, read their opinions (or those of whom they are running against) and want the best judicial branch of the government we can get. I want a judiciary which treats everyone as equal and not as a statistic to appease their supporters and donators.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CEO vs. Plaintiff Lawyer

CEO vs. Plaintiff Lawyer
A CEO’s job duties include the following:
a. Determining strategy of how the company will progress;
b. Making sure that strategy is understood throughout the company;
c. Hiring and firing a group of personnel which can bring the strategy to life;
d. Creating a path for the company to get from strategy to realization of goal;
e. Setting budgets to manage the growth of the company while maximizing return;
f. Creating a net profit for the shareholders.
For this job major CEOs are paid millions of dollars upfront along with stock options, retirement plans and benefits. If the company fails to make a profit, the CEO is usually fired or resigns with a severance package, full benefits and stock options amounting to millions of dollars. This despite the fact he failed in his or her job and the company and shareholders lost money. Additionally, none of the money budgeted or spent came out of his or her pocket.

A Plaintiff’s personal injury trial lawyer job duties include the following:
a. Determining strategy of how a case will progress from intake through trial;
b. Making sure that strategy is understood throughout the firm;
c. Hiring and firing a group of personnel which can bring the strategy to trial;
d. Creating a path for the firm to get from strategy to resolution of claim through settlement or trial
e. Setting budgets to investigate and develop of the case while maximizing return;
f. Recovering damages for the client to compensate for injuries caused by others.
For this job personal injury trial lawyer is paid nothing upfront. They receive no stock, no options, retirement plans or benefits. If the attorney fails to make a recovery for whatever reason, he or she gets nothing. This despite the fact he or she paid for all expenses out of pocket which could result of tens of thousands of dollars spent. If they do receive an offer to resolve the claim, the client has the ultimate decision on whether to accept the offer or to continue to trial. If the case is resolved the attorney will receive a percentage of the recovery which the client has approved and which the client authorizes prior to the settlement being completed.
Instead of attacking the way personal injury lawyers are paid perhaps we should have the CEO’s work on a similar structure. I would think they could even take a base salary of a $100k (since most of them do not seem to have enough confidence in their ability to do it without a base as personal injury attorneys do on a daily basis) plus a percentage of profit generated.
If CEO’s did this maybe they would consider what is best for the shareholder and company as it would directly impact their salary. They would not be spending shareholder money on expenses which do nothing for the bottom line profit of the company and they would be more selective in the risks they are willing to take with the company money. It still isn’t directly their money, but at least it will have some impact on their salary.
So next time you hear about those greedy trial lawyers why don’t you see if the person would be willing to take the same compensation package and be willing to have full accountability to their customers/shareholders.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MY Party

It’s my party and I’ll blog if I want to. Since I can’t seem to find a party I like, I decided to create my own. I actually had some other names for the party, but the cool ones were already taken, so I decided it is My Party. If you wish to join – you’re in and the name works because it will be your party (wait??- no ok, when it is your party and you tell people about it -- you will tell them it is My Party so we are still good!!) Acknowledge your affiliation with My Party by forwarding it to others letting them know about My Party. At some point we may need to have a convention, which will probably consist of a grill and keg and selection of candidates.

My Party Platform

Flat tax everyone pays same. The dollar you earn is the same why not the tax. If you want to pay more great the tax form will have a line for additional contribution.

Pro-life if you don't want a baby there is a way to avoid it.

Congress -- If you pass a law then own it. If you really believe Obamacare is what's best for the country then it should apply to you.

Obamacare should not require anyone to pay for contraceptives or abortion if they oppose it morally or religious.

Congress -- Once you leave congress your salary ends. You're not working for the country so you shouldn't be getting paid.

If your title or job description has the title czar in it – it’s over. USA does not equal USSR. We elect not create positions by fiat.

Every agency should have a justification of its job and need.

Tort reform we have it – they are called juries. They hear the evidence and are in the best position to determine what is just --As in justice. An artificial cap on damages only impacts cases which have been shown to be requiring a verdict to correct harm.

No cap on salary if you can earn it through hard work power to you, but don't be a hypocrite and support tort reform. Either you are for a free market or you aren't

There is no “the problem was Bush, Obama, etc., etc.” The problem is America’s. Stop whining about what happened and start changing what is happening and what is going to happen. There is plenty of blame to go around so let’s move forward and do what has to be done.

Brent Carpenter – It’s My Party